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For those times in life when you need a little extra cash, skipping a loan payment might be the best option for you. BlueOx Credit Union's Skip-A-Pay program allows members to skip a monthly payment on a qualifying loan as long as certain program qualifications are met.

How to Skip a Payment?

Skipping your next payment is a snap! You can do it from the comfort of your own home within your online banking platform or you can download the paper form below and return it to us.


The easiest and most convenient way to skip your next loan payment is through Online Banking. Simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. Find the eligible loan for which you wish to skip a payment.
  3. Click the "SP" button, and follow the prompts.

Example of Online Banking Loans and Payment with Skip-a-Pay button


If you don't use BlueOx's Online Banking, you can still skip a loan payment by downloading the form below and returning it to us via secure email, text, or by dropping it off at a BlueOx Credit Union Branch.


  1. Download and print the form.
  2. Scan the completed form to your computer and email it securely as an attachment via our Contact Us page.


  1. Download and print the form.
  2. Snap a clear picture of the entire completed form with your phone and text it to (800) 648-8035.

Need Help?

If you have questions about skipping a loan payment, or if you need help submitting the form or setting up Skip-a-Pay in Online Banking we would be happy to help!

Contact Us

Official Rules:

  1. Must be a member in good standing with all loans current to participate in BlueOx Credit Union's Skip-A-Payment Program.
  2. This program is not available during the first six months of the loan term.
  3. Loans are limited to two (2) Skip-A-Payment's per calendar year up to six (6) per loan term.
  4. There is a $30 service fee per payment skipped.
  5. The following loan types are eligible for this program: Vehicle, Recreational and Personal. The following loan types are not eligible for this Program: Credit Card, Home Equity, Mortgage, Mobility, Indirect and Recourse.

Additionally, finance charges will continue to accrue on a daily basis at the Annual Percentage Rate set forth in the loan agreement, both during and after the deferral period. Deferral of scheduled payments and/or the application of fee to the outstanding loan balance will result in increased finance charges and possibly a greater number of payments. Additional payment(s) may be due beyond original pay off date. In all other respects, the provisions of original agreement remain in full force and effect. Scheduled payments will resume with the payment following the deferral and continue thereafter. Next monthly payment will include finance charges accrued from the skipped month. Monthly premium for Payment Protection will be added to the loan for the skipped month.

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