wire transfers

Wire transfer services allow you to send and receive guaranteed funds to companies or individuals around the world. Click here for the current charge to send and receive wires.

outgoing wire instructions

In preparation for having funds wired out, members should obtain the following information from the receiving financial institution and provide it to us:

  1. Routing and transit number
  2. Verify the receiving account number and suffix number (if applicable)
  3. Verify if there are any further credit instructions

Members should also supply us with:

  1. The account number and suffix from which funds are to be wired.
  2. A daytime telephone number in case of a problem.

incoming wire instructions

Typically, financial institutions will use a large institution, known as an intermediary institution, to process wire transfers. BlueOx Credit Union's intermediary account is with Alloya Corporate Credit Union, located in Southfield, Michigan. All wires must initially route to Alloya and then be credited to BlueOx Credit Union prior to being credited to the individual's account to receive the funds. When wiring funds to us from another institution, the following information should be provided to the other financial institution:

  1. Receiving financial institution, Alloya Credit Union, and ABA routing number: 272478075. This routing number is used only for wire transfers.
  2. Indicate that further credit should go to BlueOx Credit Union, routing number 272476776, with the final credit to the receiving name and account number.

To make a Wire Transfer, stop by any of our branches or call a Member Service Advisor at (800) 648-8035.

There is a service charge for Wire Transfers; please consult our schedule for the current charge.

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