BlueOx Credit Union service charges

service charges
Effective Date: Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Account inactivity, per month
(No activity for 90 days, balance less than $100.00 with single relationship)
Dormant account, per month, no activity for 12 months $5.00
Auto transfer from Savings to Checking to cover NSF $10.00
Check printing Varies depending on style ordered
Paper statement** $3.00
Temporary checks, per page $2.00
ATM balance inquiries on Regular Savings or Checking Account, four per month no charge, additional inquiries per month $1.00
ATM non-member transaction $2.00
Debit Card charge back $25.00
ATM cash withdrawals/deposits from/to Regular Savings or Checking from a foreign machine; after the first four free withdrawals/deposits. (BlueOx Credit Union owned ATMs are free) $1.00
Replace lost ATM/Debit Card $5.00
Account to Account (A2A) Transfer $2.50
Account activity print out, per page $1.00
Account balancing assistance, per hour $25.00
Account hold, per item
(Check, Debit/ATM Card, electronic funds transfer)
Account reopening $25.00
Account research, per hour
(Minimum up front charge $25.00, paid at time of request)
Bulk/loose coin handling, member 3%
Bulk/loose coin handling, non-member 8%
Cashier's check: Withdrawal from Savings and/or Checking Accounts payable to second party or payable to member and/or second party under $1,000.00, per check $5.00
Check, cashier's check, money order stop pays, each $25.00
Deposited items returned unpaid sent to collection, each $35.00
Deposited items returned unpaid, each $15.00
EFT stop payments, each $25.00
Escheatment, per item, per account $25.00
Fax, per page $2.00
IDProtect®, per month $2.00
IDProtect® Plus, per month $3.95
Inactive Bill Pay, per month $5.00
Incoming wire, each $5.00
International wire transfer, each $30.00
Joint owner/beneficiary change
(Request in excess of 1 every 12 months)
Levy/garnishment $75.00
Medallion signature guarantee, non-member $25.00
Member check cashing
(Over 18 years old, account balance less than $100.00, no other financial services)
Money order, each $1.50
Mortgage discharge $50.00
Non-member check cashing
(No relationship-does not apply to on us checks)
Non-sufficient funds*
(Checking, point-of-sale, electronic funds transfer, ATM deposits)
Non-sufficient funds* items returned
(Checking, point-of-sale, electronic funds transfer, ATM deposits)
Notary, non-member $10.00
Outgoing wire transfer, each $15.00
Overdrawn account collection $35.00
Photocopy of check, cashier's check, money order, each $5.00
Photocopy, per page $1.00
Reloadable Debit Card/loading of funds by staff $5.00
Returned statement $5.00
Skip-a-Payment $30.00
Subordination $50.00

*An NSF fee is charged each time an item is presented against insufficient funds. The payee (or the payee's institution) may represent a previously returned item. Each presentment against insufficient funds will result in a separate fee.

**Service charge waived for primary account holders under 18 and 65 or older. eStatements are free.

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