why join a credit union?

Credit unions and banks offer many of the same products and services. However, we’re quite different in our approach to serving you, as you are our member-owners. Our employees are also dedicated to making a positive impact. Civic-minded, we live in the same communities as you. We shop at the same stores and attend the same schools and churches. Like you, we have a stake in this community and in your personal success.


N/A BlueOx Credit Union Local or National Banks
Structure Not for profit, our earnings are given back to our member/owners in the form of higher dividends and lower loan rates Generates profits for shareholders
Ownership Members Shareholders
Board of Directors Unpaid Volunteers Paid Shareholders
Fees Typically lower Generally account for one-third of banks' total profits
Earnings Go To Members Shareholders
Interactions with Like Financial Institutions Cooperative Competitive
Deposits Insured By NCUA (National Credit Union Administration)

FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)

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