Build Your Own CD Special, Save money YOUR way. Pick your term and earn 4.25% APY*.


Save More - Earn More! Certificate Accounts offer competitive dividend rates for members seeking to earn more for their savings for terms from three months all the way up to five years. Youth certificates are also available for ages birth to 17, to help our younger members get a jump start on saving. Additionally, certificate funds are available to use as collateral for a certificate secured loan at a low rate of interest. 

9 to 5 cerificate

You work hard for your money - get more out of it by investing some in a 9 month certificate of deposit earning 5.00% APY*! With a minimum of $50 to open it's an easy way to build up your funds quickly. Go on and pour yourself that cup of ambition and start saving today!

long-term savings certificate

Add on as much as you want - whenever you want and earn 3.25% APY*! Different than our other CDs, the add-on CD allows you to deposit funds at anytime throughout the term - allowing you to maximize money earned. Start slow with a minimum of $50 and take advantage of ONE rate bump† over the term of the Certificate! 

build your own certificate

Save money and do it YOUR way with our new “Build Your Own Certificate” Special. For a limited time only, earn a high interest rate of 4.25% APY* on balances as low as $50 – with whatever term YOU decide. Available terms are 3,6, and 12 months. Your Savings. Your way. Any way you want it!

Certificate Rates

Make your money work for you! Apply by clicking the button below, within Online Banking, stop by any of our branches, or call a Member Service Advisor at (800) 648-8035.

Apply Today

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Fees may reduce earnings. Federally insured by the NCUA. Minimum of $50 in new money deposited. New money is defined as money not currently on deposit with BlueOx Credit Union. Rates subject to change without prior notification. 

†Allows for additional deposits as well as one rate increase per members request throughout the term of the CD. Penalties still apply for withdrawal before the maturity date of the CD.

‡Member chooses the term, available terms are 3,6, and 12 months. 

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