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Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Put your paycheck on autopilot with direct deposit! Automatically deposit your paycheck into your account each payday, with no trip necessary! Paychecks, other recurring deposits and one-time deposits such as tax refunds will automatically post to your account on time, and with no waiting.

Distributions can be set up with us to go to various accounts once the main deposit posts. Generally, if you are employed by an area school district, or drawing Social Security (retirement or disability) from the federal government, direct deposit can be initiated at BlueOx Credit Union. Direct deposit from most other sources should be initiated with the other source. You will need to provide our routing and transit number, 272476776, and your account number, plus the suffix for either the Regular Share Savings (000) or Share Draft/Checking (030), with no spaces or dashes.

Want to deposit only a portion of your paycheck? Consider payroll deduction. Your employer must participate in a payroll deduction program, so please contact your payroll office to inquire.

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