direct deposit and payroll deduction

Direct Deposit is the quick and easy way to electronically deposit your paycheck, pension, Social Security benefits, annuities, or any other type of regularly recurring check into your account. One-time deposits, such as tax refunds, will automatically post to your account on time and with no waiting. You can even request to have your paycheck direct deposited early or arrange to have your funds divided or split between your various accounts.

why use direct deposit?

  • Quick access to your money
  • Safety - no risk of lost or stolen paper checks
  • Convenience – no waiting in lines to cash or deposit your check

early direct deposit – get paid sooner!

Start getting your paycheck before payday with Early Direct Deposit.*

  • When you see your electronic transaction pending within Online Banking or our Mobile App, simply click “post now” to request your paycheck early and receive your funds into your BlueOx account immediately. You may also make this request with any BlueOx Advisor at (800) 648-8035 and get paid earlier than you would at other financial institutions.
  • Convenience for paying bills sooner or having funds on hand for that special purchase or event.

how to get started

Obtain a Direct Deposit form from your employer. Complete your personal information, including:

  • Routing and Transit Number: 272476776
  • BlueOx Credit Union Account Number
  • Checking Account (the 14-digit number found at the bottom of your checks)
    Sample of Checking Account on Check
  • Savings Account - Member account number + Regular Savings Account suffix 000.
  • ex: 123456 (member account number) 000 (regular savings suffix) = 123456000 with no spaces or dashes.

Distributions can be set up to move to various accounts once the main deposit posts. Want to deposit only a portion of your paycheck? Consider Payroll Deduction. Your employer must participate in a Payroll Deduction program, so please contact your payroll office to inquire.

If you need assistance, please stop by any of our branches or call a Member Service Advisor at (800) 648-8035.

*$10 fee per ACH transaction. No Checking Account is required. Direct Deposit and earlier availability of funds are subject to the timing of the payer’s funding. Requests per each Direct Deposit may be made within Online Banking or by contacting the Credit Union. Government deposits cannot be posted early, including social security deposits.

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