new online banking frequently asked questions

BlueOx Credit Union is excited to announce a refreshed Online Banking design and user experience. Below are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate the exciting changes.

Q: Are my username and password changing?
No, your username, password and security questions are not changing. You will log in to the refreshed Online Banking interface using the same information as you do today.

Q: Is BlueOx Credit Union's Bill Pay changing?
No, our Bill Pay is not changing, but it also has a new look and feel.

Q: How do I add an account to my "Favorite Accounts" list?
You can add an account to your "Favorite Account" list by clicking the gear icon to the right of the words “Favorite Accounts.” Then select which accounts you want to see on the main home screen.

Q: How do I re-order my "Favorite Accounts" list?
You can now change the order that your accounts are listed on the home screen. This allows you to put your favorites or most used accounts at the top. To change the order, you simply click on the gear icon to the right of "Favorite Accounts." Then click the three stacked lines on the right side of the screen and drag and drop your accounts in the order you want them to appear in the list.

Q: How do I view the full account summaries list as it currently is shown in Online Banking – where it has the payment dates and amounts for my loans and the available and actual balance for my savings accounts?
To view the full account summaries, select “See Full Account Summary,” which can be found under your “Favorite Accounts” list.

See full account summary.

Q: How do I access all of my transactions for my accounts?

A: To access your transactions, click the account you want to view, and you will see a drop-down list appear. Click "Account Details." This will take you to your summary with all of your transactions for that account. The account drop-downs are designed to provide quick and easy access to the tools you need to help manage that particular account.

Account details.

Q: How do I add a feature to “Your Favorite Features” list?
To add a feature to "Your Favorite Features" list, click the gear icon to the right of "Your Favorite Features." Then select which features you want to add to the main screen.

Q: Not all of my accounts are displaying on the home page. How can I view all of my accounts?
If all of your accounts are not displaying on the home page, scroll down and click "See Full Account Summary" under the current list of accounts. Here you will be able to view all of your accounts. If you want to add all of your accounts to the main screen, add them to your "Favorite Accounts."

Q: How do I return to the Online Banking main screen?
You can always return to the Online Banking main screen by clicking on the BlueOx Credit Union logo or "Home" in the upper left of the page.

Q: Where can I see my other membership accounts that I am a primary or joint account holder on?
This feature can now be found under personal settings in the upper right of the page. Click the down arrow to access the Switch Accounts option and your other memberships can be found there.

Q: When I view account details, I'm no longer seeing the running balance with each transaction. Is that still available somewhere so I can see how the transaction affected my running balance?
Yes. Click on the transaction in the list to expand and view transaction details, which will include resulting balance, transaction type and more. For loan payments, this will display the amount that went toward principal and interest.

Note: We are working on an enhancing account details so that resulting balances display in smaller font size right below transaction amounts, to simplify verifying running balance calculations when all transactions are listed. Stay tuned!

Q: Can I search my transaction history?
Yes, you may search your transaction history. When viewing “Account Details” (transaction history), there is a new "search transactions" search bar where you can enter an amount, part of the transaction description, a check number or any other text to find matching items. An "Advanced" button also allows you to choose from a list of common transaction types or specify a dollar amount range.

Q: What file formats can I download my transactions to?
Downloads are available in all formats that are already in production (.CSV, .QIF, .QFX, .QBO). The only download format that Online Banking no longer supports is Microsoft Money and this decision was based on fact that Microsoft no longer offers, nor provides support for this product. To download your account information, go to Member Services > Download Account History.

Q: Why do I sometimes have a banner at the top of my home screen and other times I do not see one?
The banners at the top of the screen are special notices that are customized to your account. This is where we will notify you of unread messages, required password updates, pending deposits or special offers like pre-approved Credit Card offers and more.

Q: Why do I only see my last 20 transactions?
A: When reviewing your transaction history in Online Banking, at first it will only display your last 20 transactions. To see more of your transaction history, click the "Load More Transactions" button at the bottom. Please note that the "Search Transactions" feature will only search the transaction history you have loaded on the screen.

Showing last 20 transactions. Load More Transactions.

Q: Did Bill Pay change? It looks different.
Our Bill Pay vendor did not change so you will not need to re-enter any of your billing information. The main screen has been enhanced to provide quick and easy access to the tools you need. If you do not see all of your bills listed in the new interface, check to make sure that all Payees are selected in place of a Bill Pay category.

Bill Pay.

Q: Why am I receiving a pop-up that is telling me to change my password when I log in to Online Banking from Chrome?
When entering your password and/or security question to access the refreshed Online Banking, you may encounter a message like the one pictured below.

Change your password.

Note: This does not mean that your Online Banking account password has been compromised. This message is also not originating from Online Banking. It is originating from Chrome, as the browser now features a built-in functionality that intercepts password fields and compares them against lists of compromised passwords from the dark web. While it is possible you may have encountered this message using the old version of Online Banking, you may notice this pop-up occurring more frequently with the new Online Banking, for both passwords and answers to security questions.

Other browsers are working on adding a similar functionality down the road. For more details on password features in Chrome and other browsers read the articles and resources below.




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