mobile app authentication frequently asked questions

A: Biometric authentication is a mobile-based technology that allows the BlueOx Mobile App to scan users’ fingerprints, listen to their voice or view their face to log in. Once you download the BlueOx Mobile App, you can quickly and securely use your face, fingerprint, voice  or PIN as login methods. 

A: Our biometric authentication options are easy to use. Log in to your BlueOx Mobile App and tap “Accounts” or “Locked” on the bottom menu. Here, you will find five options to choose from. Follow on-screen prompts to enroll in each.

  • Voice Recognition – Record and submit a passphrase, which you will then repeat to verify your voice.
  • Fingerprint – Utilizing the established fingerprint verification feature on your mobile device, place your finger on the device’s sensor to unlock your account. This is the only option that is device-specific. You will need to set up your fingerprint on each device where you use the BlueOx Mobile App.
  • Face Recognition – Center your face within the circle and blink. The BlueOx Mobile App will then authenticate your identity.
  • PIN – Select a 4-digit PIN to log in to the BlueOx Mobile App. This is the least secure biometric method.
  • Username and Password – Traditional method for securely logging in to the Mobile App.

A: When Quick and Secure Authentication is enabled, your last used authentication method will automatically be prompted the next time you tap "Accounts" or "Locked" to log in. When this setting is disabled, you can change the authentication method each time you log in.

Q: How do I reset Quick and Secure Authentication to a different login method?

A: Follow these steps to reset Quick and Secure Authentication to your secure login method of choice:

  1. Open the BlueOx Mobile App.
  2. Tap "Accounts."
  3. Avoid the Quick and Secure Authentication login (move face away from front facing camera or do not touch fingerprint scanner).
  4. Select your authentication method of choice by tapping on one of the five icons (four, if your phone does not have a fingerprint scanner).
  5. Login.
  6. Tap "More."
  7. Tap "Settings."
  8. Tap "Authentication Options."
  9. Enable "Quick Authentication."

Q: How Secure Is Biometric Authentication?

A: Biometric authentication is designed to be a more convenient, quick and secure way for you to access your account in the BlueOx Mobile App. However, it is not necessarily a more secure way. Two-factor authentication is always the most secure way to login. For example, a traditional password and security question are always more secure than a four-digit PIN.

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