May 2023 Youth eNewsletter


Financial Literacy Workshop    

Financial Literacy Workshop - BlueOx Credit Union

Our first Financial Literacy Workshop was a huge success! We had a wonderful time meeting everyone and teaching the kids about budgeting with our new financial literacy Jelly Bean Game!

Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops. Each event will focus on an important financial topic, such as saving, budgeting, and investing. There will also be fun activities for kids during the presentation, giveaways, and snacks for everyone who attends!


Download the BlueOx Jelly Bean Game 

Jelly Bean Game - BlueOx Credit Union

Looking for a fun way to teach your kids about budgeting?? Try playing The Jelly Bean Game! 

Start by dividing into teams. Each team will then need 20 jelly beans and the two spending category sheets. Working together, the players will decide how to spend their income based on life circumstances and goals - using the beans to "pay" for their choices!

At the end of the game, discuss which options they chose and why, how difficult their decisions were, and what they learned about themselves and money!  

Download Now 


Youth Certificates of Deposit

Youth Certificate of Deposit - BlueOx Credit Union

Our BlueOx Credit Union Youth Certificates offer competitive rates and benefits - including a $50 minimum deposit, an "add on" feature, and a rate increase every year the CD is renewed.

Stop by your local branch or call a Member Service Advisor at (800) 648-8035 to learn more!


Introducing Zogo Español

Introducing Zogo Español - BlueOx Credit Union

We know that language barriers can be a major obstacle when it comes to accessing financial education resources. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Zogo, a mobile-first financial education platform that offers financial lessons in both English and Spanish!

Studies have shown that learners are more engaged and retain information better when studying in their native language. In our partnership with Zogo, we can reach 40+ million learners in America who speak Spanish as their native language.

We want to make learning financial skills easy for everyone to access the tools and knowledge they need to achieve financial wellness. If you would like to switch to Zogo Español in the Zogo app, head to your “General” settings under your profile and toggle to the language you prefer!

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