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Don’t Fall Victim to This Popular Mortgage Scam - BlueOx Credit Union Blog

Did you recently purchase or refinance your current mortgage? If so, keep your guard up, as you could be a target of this new popular mortgage scam!

If you receive a small pale-yellow postcard stating that there's an urgent matter regarding your Mortgage with BlueOx CU, please disregard it, as this is a scam! If you're a member of BlueOx Credit Union receiving this notice, please understand that this was not sent from us. BlueOx Credit Union takes the safety and security of our members very seriously, and one of the most important things you can do is be prepared and aware to identify a scam attempt.

The postcard may look like this:

This is a mock-up postcard of a mortgage scam that is NOT from BlueOx Credit Union. If received in the mail, please disregard.

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how did this happen?

We understand that this can be an unnerving notice to receive, and it can be scary to know your information is in the hands of a fraudster.

There are many documents that need to be recorded during the home-buying process, and many of these records become public information once you close on a house. This means that anyone is able to conduct a search and access details about the mortgage lender, you - the borrower, the loan amount, and much more through public records. After fraudsters have the information they’re looking for, they can use it to imitate a financial institution saying they have to deal with an urgent matter on your account.

Fraudsters will often use language to depict urgency to get you to act without thinking it over first. They'll use words and phrases like “Urgent” or “Immediate Response Needed.”

what should you do?

If you receive this postcard in the mail, please understand that it didn't come from BlueOx Credit Union and that no further action is required of you. Do not call the 800 number, and do not give them any of your information. If you're concerned or unsure if something you've received in the mail is fraudulent or not, feel free to contact any of our Member Service Advisors at (800) 648-8035. We're more than happy to assist you.

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