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Card Services

Debit Card

All BlueOx Credit Union Checking Accounts include a FREE MasterCard® Debit Card. This card also serves as your ATM card. 

To Report a Debit Card Lost or Stolen
• Cards beginning with 4112: Call (888) 241-2510.
• Cards beginning with 5110 or 6420: Call (800) 991-4961.

To Request a new Personal Identification Number (PIN) for cards beginning with 5110, please call (866) 297-3411

Learn more about your Debit Card

Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card

You work hard for your money and deserve to be rewarded! With your BlueOx Credit Union Visa® Platinum Credit Card, you get rewards for every purchase; a low, competitive rate; and no annual fees – ever!

To Report a Credit Card Lost or Stolen
• Cards beginning with 4009: Call (800) 442-4757
• Cards beginning with 4449 and 4867: Call (800) 828-3901
• Cards beginning with 4476: Call (800) 322-8472

24/7 Card Access – Analyze Spending, Review Statements and Pay Bills Online 
• Cards beginning with 4009: Visit GoToMyCard or call (800) 442-4757.
• Cards beginning with 4449 or 4867: Visit eZCard or call (800) 828-3901
• Cards beginning with 4476: Visit eZCard or call (800) 322-8472

Credit Card Rewards
• Cards beginning with 4009: Visit DreamPoints Rewards or call (866) 678-5189.
• Cards beginning with 4867: Visit ScoreCard Rewards or call (800) 854-0790.

To Request a new Personal Identification Number (PIN) for cards beginning with 4867 or 4449, please call (866) 297-3408.

Learn more about your Credit Card.

Card Controls

Card controls provide peace of mind in the event your BlueOx Credit Union Debit Card or Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card gets lost or stolen, or even if you detect suspicious activity. You can easily turn your Debit and Credit Cards on or off to protect your accounts from unauthorized use, receive real-time alerts, set transaction spend limits and more.

Learn more about Card Controls.

Visa® Gift Cards

Gift Cards are the perfect gift for every occasion! They can be used anywhere Visa® Debit Cards are accepted and can be purchased at any BlueOx Credit Union office.

• Choose any amount from $10 to $500 (plus a nominal $5.00 handling charge)
• A Visa® Gift Card looks and acts like a Visa® Debit Card
• Lost or stolen gift cards can be canceled and replaced
• No liability for fraudulent activity* - Visa® Zero Liability Coverage applies
• Non-reloadable with a 7-year expiration date

Consumers can access gift card information online or by calling (866) 833-2370.

Reloadable Debit CardsReload Prepaid Visa Debit Card

With the look and feel of a traditional debit or credit card, the BlueOx Credit Union Visa® Reloadable Prepaid Card is a smart and cost effective alternative to carrying cash and paying check cashing fees. 

There is a nominal $5.00 charge to purchase the card and it can be loaded up to 30 times online for $1.25 each time. The card is good for two years and can carry a maximum balance of $2,000.

Reloadable debit cards are great for everyday purchases and paying bills. Parents of teenagers and college students can utilize the card to disburse allowances or fund an away-from-home student. As a parent, you purchase the card and are the legal owner. Your young adult is the designated cardholder and can use the card for their spending needs. You can even set up weekly or monthly payments for automatic funding.

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Turn off a lost or stolen card

Report a lost or stolen card

Apply for a Visa® Credit Card

Dispute a charge or report fraud

Order a replacement Debit or Credit Card

Request a Credit Card limit increase

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