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Oops...No Problem Overdraft Privilege

Oops...No Problem Overdraft Privilege (commonly referred to as “ODP”) is a better way to cover an overdrawn account than an embarrassing NSF check, electronic withdrawal or debit transaction return.

Oops will allow payment of some or all overdrafts via:

A per item charge will be imposed as per our service charge schedule.   Member will be notified when privilege protection has been activated and will be requested to deposit funds within 45 calendar days from the day the advance was made.
Of course, the best way to avoid overdrafts is regular balancing and maintaining a register, but we understand “oops” happen. This service alleviates the embarrassment and alarm that come with NSF returns, as well as additional fees on the other end when payments are returned unpaid.

Terms & Conditions:

BlueOx offers Oops…No Problem Overdraft Privilege to members in good standing.  To be considered in good standing, the following qualifications must be met:

Members who are automatically enrolled in the program will be provided with a notice of enrollment, along with an opportunity to opt out at the time eligibility is established.  The total dollar limit allowed is set by individual's Member Rewards level.

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