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Online Bill Pay

New, Enhanced Bill Pay is Live!  

We have a couple of documents with links you may find helpful:

New Online Bill Pay FAQ's

New Online Bill Pay Tutorials


Simplify Your Life and Save Money!

Looking for an easy way to simplify your life and save a little cash? Use BlueOx Credit Union's  FREE EasyPay! Bill Payment and Bill Presentment!

With EasyPay!, you can receive and pay your bills online with the click of a mouse using your BlueOx checking account via It’s Me 24/7. Just think, if you pay just ten bills a month this way, instead of using postal mail, you’re saving well over $50 a year just in postage! That’s a nice dinner out!

Most importantly, online bill pay saves time. Paying bills manually twice a month can easily take a few hours of your time. Convert these same bills to online bill pay, and it only takes a few minutes to knock out the chore! You can pay any bill online, including your house payment, credit card company, even your babysitter!

There is no additional sign on procedure or password to remember – just click Pay Bills while in It’s Me 24/7. EasyPay! is fast, secure, convenient…and easy!

Other features:

How to Enroll

To enroll, simply log in to It’s Me 24/7 as usual and click the Pay Bills link from the main menu. Step-by-step point and click instructions will guide you through enrollment and setup.

Need Help? Reluctant? We are Happy to Help You.

If you are reluctant or lacking computer experience, don't worry. We are happy to sit down and go through the program with you. We'll assist you in getting started so you feel confident and comfortable with the system. We'll even show you some other bells and whistles, such as how to set up reminders and how to receive your bills electronically through the system.

Give it a try. Fifty bucks is a nice dinner out and a little more time with your family.

Learn more about Bill Pay by logging into It's Me 24/7

*An inactivity fee will be imposed when online bill pay is not utilized for thirty days. To avoid this fee, please contact us to have your online bill pay deactivated if you decide it is not for you.

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