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Plans to Travel? Ensure Smooth Sailing with Credit and Debit Cards

To provide uninterrupted access to your Credit Card and Debit Card while traveling, please complete a travel notification prior to departure.

Planning an International Trip?

• Keep us informed by stopping by a branch or giving us a call to let us know to expect transactions from your desired destination and so our team can notate this and confirm your contact information is up to date.

• Beware of blocked and sanctioned countries. For a current list of these countries, visit the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) of the US Department of Treasury's updated list here. If the country you are visiting is on this list, ALL card activity will be blocked per the requirement from OFAC. On occasion, BlueOx Credit Union may block countries in addition to those listed on the OFAC list, but should there be additional countries, they would be listed here. If you have any questions regarding these countries, give us a call.

• While debit and credit cards are accepted in most countries, MasterCard charges foreign currency conversion fees for purchases made with their credit and debit cards, in addition to ATM cash withdrawal fees.

• Always take more than one method of payment. 

Planning a Domestic Trip?

• If you are traveling domestically, it is still a good idea to let us know so we can notate your account in case it is flagged as unusual activity. We will also verify your contact information is up to date.

• Double check your PINs before you travel. If you need a new PIN, contact us at least 10 days before you leave. 

• Always take more than one method of payment. 

If any issue or concerns arise pertaining to your BlueOx Credit Union Debit or Credit Cards, please contact us.

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