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BlueOx Credit Union’s Member Rewards program rewards you for actively using BlueOx for your financial services, since it is your patronage that allows us to thrive.The Member Rewards program provides many free or discounted services based on your level of participation with BlueOx. It’s easy; the more products and services you take advantage of, the more you receive!

Member Rewards structured with four different levels, platinum, gold, silver and bronze, which have point ranges assigned to each.




325+ Points


225-324 Points


125-224 Points


0-124 Points

$3 Monthly checking account fee waived. Fee not applicable to members <18 years, >65 years; Kasasa checking accounts; accounts w/ eStatements; or Platinum level Member Rewards.      
Consumer loan rebate of .25% daily APR on new loans disbursed after 6-1-17, posted to regular share savings. Excludes mortgages, home equities & Visa.      
Free automatic transfer of funds from regular savings to checking to cover overdraft      
Free overdraft privilege (ODP) upon member request per incident, max 2/calendar year. New accounts must be open a minimum of 30 days before ODP is available. Limits could vary month-to-month depending on member's level. Limit $1,500 Limit $1,250 Limit $1,000 Limit $750
Free ATM transactions on foreign-owned machines. Surcharges imposed by other financial institutions may apply.   Unlimited 12 8 4
Waived late payment upon member request, max 1/calendar year      
Unlimited free cashier's check, money orders & member check cashing    
Free ATM/debit card replacement    
Bulk/loose coin handling fee waived  
Free account-to-account or person-to-person (A2A/P2P) transfer, max 2/calendar year  
Free reloadable Visa debit card or free funds reload, max 2/calendar year  
Temporary check fee waived, max one page/4 checks per calendar year  
Free audio response access, online banking & bill pay, text banking & notary service


To calculate total point value, five different categories of relationships are examined monthly:Member Rewards

We have assigned points values for specific items or actions within each category that are particularly beneficial to the membership, and contribute to the prosperity of BlueOx.These include items such as membership longevity, balances, specific types of savings or loan products, and certain self-service or member-elected activities.

The Member Rewards program allows us to identify those who help us to flourish, and to show our gratitude in the way of extra perks.


Relationship Category Item/Action Points
Primary Financial Institution Relationship Kasasa or regular checking account 50
  Every year of BlueOx membership after 15 years (point/each year beyond) 1
Savings Relationship Additional savings products present (beyond regular share savings) 10
  Non-IRA CD products present 10
  IRA share and CD products present 20
  Money market accounts present 10
  Any savings product w/ a negative balance -200
  Aggregate balance from $1,000 - 2,499 15
  Aggregate balance from $2,500 - $9,999 25
  Aggregate balance from $10,000 - $49,999 35
  Aggregate balance $50,000+ 45
Loan Relationship Mortgage loan 25
  Home equity loan 25
  All other consumer loans, excluding Visa (points/each loan) 10
  Any loan delinquent 2 or more months -200
  Aggregate balance from $1,000 - 24,999 30
  Aggregate balance from $25,000 - $49,999 40
  Aggregate balance $50,000 - $74,999 50
  Aggregate balance from $75,000 60
Self-service Relationship # of debit card transactions up to 15 per month 10
  # of debit card transactions from 16 - 25 per month 25
  # of debit card transactions from 26 - 35 per month 50
  # of debit card transactions 36+ per month 75
  Dollar amount of debit card transactions per month up to $1,000 10
  Dollar amount of debit card transactions per month $1,001 - $1,500 25
  Dollar amount of debit card transactions per month $1,501 - $3,000 50
  Dollar amount of debit card transactions per month $3,001+ 75
  Audio respons active & using 5
  Online banking active & using 10
  e-Statements - enrolled 50
  Bill payment/presentment - enrolled 50
  Valid e-mail address 25
  E-Notices subscription 10
  E-Alerts subscription 10
  Mobile text banking - enrolled 25
  Mobile web banking - active & using 10
  Wrong address -200
Member-elected Deposit Relationship Payroll w/ deposits of at least $1,000 per month 50
  ACH w/ deposits of at least $1,000 per month 50
  Loan payments only via automatic funds transfer active 15
  Loan payment via ACH 25


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know my level?

A: Your level will be displayed on your account statement and also when you sign into our online branch, It’s Me 247. Our staff can also share this with you.

Q: When are levels evaluated and updated?

A: Your member level for the current month is based on the point calculation that occurs on the last day of the prior month. This regenerates every month.

Q: Do my points accumulate?

A: No, points don’t accumulate. Each month is a fresh snapshot.

Q: Will my fee waivers be implemented automatically?

A: Most will, however, a couple, such as the waiver of the overdraft privilege fee and the late loan payment fee waiver rely upon member request. When those circumstances occur, just let us know you wish to request a waiver.

Q: If my loan pays off in the current month, do I get my interest rebate on the first day of the next month?

A: Yes. The rebate will be calculated and paid based on the daily rate, multiplied by the balance and the number of days before pay off.  


Example:  Your loan is active until the 10th day of the month when you pay it in full. 

The calculation that will determine your rebate amount to post to your regular share savings account on the first day of the next month as a Platinum level member is:

Rate Benefit = .250 Loan Balance is $10,000.00

.250/100 = .0025 .0025/365 = .000006849

.000006849 * 10,000.00 = .068 rounded to .07 daily

You had your loan for 10 days into the month, so 10 X .07 = $.70 rebate


Q: Specifically, what items or actions will help me earn points?

A: The above table will explain actions that will increase (or decrease) points.

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